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Our multi-week races deliver:

  • buzz and fundraising for your charity
  • community engagement for your store
  • team building and inclusive fitness for your corporation
  • motivation and mentoring for your gym, squad, sports group
  • virtual expansions for your physical race

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What is a virtual race?

A virtual race is a competition that lets people anywhere pit day-to-day exercise miles against each other and watch everyone's progress on a digital map.

Sleep in your own bed, then continue racing from Milan to Paris, NYC to Boston, Dover to Calais... we've got lots of virtual routes for swimmers, cyclists, runners, walkers and rowers.

Each race features comments, stats, photos, rankings, and more. Racery helps motivate and connect racers, whether you're a coach, wellness VP, parent, charity exec, or pub owner!

Join virtual training partners in one of our monthly challenges here, start your own, or let's brainstorm!

Who races?

Keri Walls

Keri Walls

Louisville, KY

“Seeing my progress along the virtual races keeps me motivated to get my mileage in, especially when I have friends from across the country that I am competing against!”

Liz Bloomhardt

Liz Bloomhardt

Chapel Hill, NC

“I’ve been running for a long time, but since having a baby, Racery has provided me new motivation to get out on the roads and trails to build back my fitness!”

Ian J.

Ian J.

Durham, NC

“​In many ways, Racery added an extra push to my conditioning, because I typically swim 5-8 miles a week, but this race forced me to do 10!”

Who creates races?


  • Swimming in local pools, former members of a high school swim-team compete on a virtual route from Florida to Cuba.
  • An established running group splits into two teams of two dozen people each to race 4,782 miles on a virtual route from Boca Raton, FL to Nome, AK.
  • To motivate for an upcoming Ragnar Relay, a group of friends and colleagues races a virtual 130 mile route through the Maryland country-side.

Cool idea for a race? Create one or email


Want to sponsor a race? Email


Want to sponsor a race? Email

Cool idea for a race? Create one or email

Want to sponsor a race? Email

Want to sponsor a race? Email

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